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We offer a range of solutions to help your people and your business grow. We identify the most appropriate and practical approach for your safety needs whilst seeking to incorporate the essential element of psychological safety in the workplace 

Over many years of working around the world, in a vast array of industries, businesses and environments, we saw many common themes of ineffective communication, lack of trust & respect and poor leadership skills which often resulted in accidents, poor physical and mental wellbeing, job dissatisfaction and ultimately stagnant business growth with limited resilience.

Yet, we also experienced workplaces that stood out for approaching things differently; where inspiring leadership and workplace cultures of trust and respect were present leading to thriving and innovative business.

We recognised 3 vital elements in these businesses:

Safety | Education | Wellbeing

We believe all workplaces can be like this. Through a focus on developing inspirational leadership and taking a more people-centred approach, businesses can transform and be more adaptable to future challenges and change.

We will work with you to develop a tailored solution to meet your unique needs, to help your people and your business grow and reach their potential.

We believe that people are the solution, not the problem.

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John is a genuine thought leader on safety. 

His approach is both human and pragmatic and as such it’s one that will make an enormous difference to people’s lives and wellbeing. 

I’ve had and have the pleasure of working closely with John and he’s a joy to watch in action.

Working with John was a pleasure, he has a great wealth of knowledge and his dedication, care and enthusiasm is infectious.

John can make you excited about the positive changes safety and safety differently can bring to you and your company.
John is the most authentic safety leader I had pleasure working with.
Working with John is always a positive challenge!

His approach is not “traditional” but is absolutely effective.

He has been on the tools in many places around the world, and so knows how we can best support the frontline teams in high risk industries.

Working to make work and life better

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