Our Approach

We help you develop your own 3 points of Contact - through understanding your own Safety | Education | Wellbeing needs of your workplace.  Through our extensive understanding and knowledge we tailor our services to your business, your needs with the emphasis on informing, developing and enablilng a enaged workforce at every level.

Our Story

Having worked across many industries with many people we realised there are common themes running through every workplace.  We believe that although work and working are complex, it doesn't need to be complicated.

Using a core ethos and foundation from the Safety Differently school of thought - we work to develop person-centred outcomes because we belive that people are the solution, not the problem.

Meet the Team

Our ethos is simple - everyone has the right to live and work free from harm.

Our world and our way of life is fast paced - yet we regularly fail to allow for the human in the system.

It's a human thing.

John Holt

John Holt

Safety & Education & Wellbeing

John uses his broad and unique scope of knowledge, experience and skills to tailor interventions  in a way that will enhance and add value to your business or work environment.

His ability to facilitate, implement, monitor and review risk and safety management systems will be an asset to your business irrespective of size, scale or need.


Susanne Dick

Susanne Dick

Wellbeing & Education & Safety


Susanne has worked within the employment, education and not-for-profit sectors in various roles for over 20 years.

The theme running through all has been to support people to grow   and flourish.


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