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Over many years of working around the world, in a vast array of industries, businesses and environments, we noticed common themes running through nearly every workplace –
ineffective communication, lack of trust and respect, poor leadership skills.  The result was often accidents, poor wellbeing, physical and mental distress, job dissatisfaction and ultimately stagnant business growth with limited resilience.

Yet a few workplaces shone out as a way to do things differently, where we saw inspiring leadership and workplace cultures of trust and respect, of thriving and innovative business.

We believe all workplaces can be like this. that through a focus on developing inspirational leadership and taking a more people-centred approach business can transform themselves and be more adaptable to future challenges and change.

Using the core philosophy from the Safety Differently school of thought and incorporating the essential element of psychological safety in the workplace we offer a range of solutions to help your people and your business to grow.

We will work with you to develop a tailored solution to meet your unique needs, to help your people and business grow and reach their potential.

Everyone has the right to live and work free from harm. We believe that people are the solution, not the problem.

Dare to do things Differently.

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Psychological Safety

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Individual Wellbeing Support
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Growth & Development Coaching

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Work as Imagined/ Work as Done

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About Us

John Holt

Safety & Leadership Coach

With 35 years workplace experience across multiple disciplines covering multiple environments including: off-shore oil and gas rigs & ships, heavy construction, ship building, utilities, educational institutions, learning & presenting, coaching and even museums.   As a consultant John provides support and guidance to business and individuals who are committed to discovering the best they can be. He delivers and facilitates workshops on safety, risk and leadership.  Over his years of work, John has realised the importance of good leadership skills in promoting a positive, healthy, productive and inclusive work environment. John is passionate about developing good leadership skills in people at all levels of an organisation to develop a safe and inclusive workplace.  He works with those who understand the importance of developing a positive culture, engagement, communication and workplace education to create person-centred risk and leadership and the critical role it plays in 21st Century business.

Susanne Dick

Counsellor & Coach

Whatever reason brings you to counselling, I offer you a safe space to talk. Our mental health and well-being are what matters to me and the heart of my work is to support people to navigate life’s ups and downs, grow and find meaning and purpose in their life. I bring a variety of life and work experiences from both the UK and Australia to my approach. I work across the adult age range, from adolescents. I value and respect diversity and work across cultures and backgrounds to provide an individual, empathic and collaborative approach for each person to explore what is happening in their life and explore areas of change.


John is a genuine thought leader on safety. 

His approach is both human and pragmatic and as such it’s one that will make an enormous difference to people’s lives and wellbeing. 

I’ve had and have the pleasure of working closely with John and he’s a joy to watch in action.

Working with John was a pleasure, he has a great wealth of knowledge and his dedication, care and enthusiasm is infectious.

John can make you excited about the positive changes safety and safety differently can bring to you and your company.
John is the most authentic safety leader I had pleasure working with.
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We understand that the welfare of your employees is of the utmost importance to you & your business and especially now that COVID-19 has effected everyone in different ways. Find out more about how our affordable solutions can benefit you and your team.